Yeah. Change is so hard.

I risked it big time when I moved from Ning to MyBB the Better Blogger Network, and I’m risking things even more by changing the name and the platform once again.

Moving from Ning needed to happen, because

  1. I self-host, therefore I’ve grown accustomed to having full control of my websites,
  2. Ning charges by the member count (4,000 members and counting isn’t a fun price), and
  3. Ning 3.0 had not been implemented into old Ning versions for at least two years (I don’t know if it has been implemented yet).

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Recently I learned from Charlise of a hidden coconut ingredient in beauty products called cocamidopropyl betaine.

(I’m gonna school you guys on the relation between coconuts and tree nut allergies just a little bit.~)

Upon looking further into this, I’ve realized that people look to every possible excuse they can think up for why someone is allergic to something and “how to avoid it” by avoiding one way something is made, produced, etc.

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There was a boy1 in 2014.

He made me realize a lot of things about myself and what I want in life, in a guy, and in myself.

I became obsessed with the idea of becoming his girlfriend, and whilst I’m not completely into astrology, I do feel like sometimes it might be right. I’m an Aries, he’s a Taurus.

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In the “old days” of blogging, people apologized for not posting. Er, I did. When I see it now, I don’t understand the point… I don’t owe it to anyone1 to blog, and if I apologize, chances of me actually posting when I say I will post are extremely slim, because it’s an empty promise.

Offline, I despise making promises even more, because I’m often pushed into those things, meaning I didn’t have much say—it was practically a requirement to avoid some sort of lecture revolving around me not promising whatever it was I was supposed to promise.

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