Apart from suddenly becoming skilled at blowing away all of your energy into a tissue, for some reason, you’re expected to make fetch happen when you’re sick, as if all of a sudden it’s this new-and-improved possible thing! I don’t really understand how I can do all my laundry, and clean my room, and get up and move around when I can’t even type up the three blog posts I’m supposed to write or create a theme or support my head without the help of three-to-four pillows that are also being used to prop me up, especially when I’m having to sleep Dracula-/Sheldon-style, using the aforementioned pillows just so I can freaking BREATHE.

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With Charlise, I went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. In exchange for a review/blog post, we received access for free.~

Furthermore, this post is picture-heavy, with most pictures hosted at Flickr.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (front)

(Sorry it’s not a perfect capture.)

I didn’t take many pictures with my digital camera, but I did snap many shots to Instagram.

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Whether it really is considered such, I consider 6birds an established blog. I’ve had it for almost five years, and I’ve met many people I consider to be my friends through it, and so on and so forth. Because of this, I feel like doing things I wish I would have done to 6birds would be too drastic of a change and/or impossible now to actually do.

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I spent the weekend with Mimi on her new farm. It isn’t the one I lived on, hence “new”. I had a blast: I saw Todd, and I rode Cinnamon, one of the horses. I learned Amigo died. :( He had arthritis and just got to where he couldn’t function right, and it would have been more painful for him to continue going like he was.

Anyway, I did take pictures.~

I made four videos, but they won’t play right on my laptop, so I’ll see if they upload correctly to [at least] YouTube later and will post them on 6birds if they do play right when I get around to it. The audio only plays on my laptop… it’s really weird. >.>

This post is picture-heavy.

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