Recently, I had an epiphany that has reshaped how I view my friendships, how I spend my time, and how I do a lot of other things. One of the things I often relate to with other autistics is the lack of proper time perception, in that there is no time passing—or there is at least no sense of it.

From what I’ve been able to gather, allistics live as if time is limited, which is something I struggle with understanding most often.

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This is actually a two-part story, namely because of length and the divided parts having the ability to be viewed as two separate stories.

When Charlise was in jail, I joined a review site after being sent an email pitch to my Crunchy Family email (you know, despite me explicitly requesting peeps to ONLY send technical difficulty emails to it—not bloody pitches).

I mean, it was 2014. I’d been away from the sponsored posts world for a while [on purpose], and a lot of people had said it was different [now].

Let’s nickname ’em Teasers; I like the way it sounds, and it’s a real word, so no more red zigzag underlines than necessary will appear.

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My life as of late has consisted of me trying to plan out a few months into the new year. I’m aiming to be more allergy-friendly [to me] this year, even more so because I read how helpful a nutrient-dense diet can really help a person. For example, teeth can regenerate…and certain foods (e.g. ginger and garlic) can cancel out molds.

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I’d love to say I feel like 2016 will be my year, but I don’t want to jinx it or set those kinds of expectations. I’m focusing on self-growth, which I feel is a great thing for me, considering it’s following my year of self-love.

I have a few concrete plans I’ve already been working on, so I’m gonna share those instead of talking up a storm about how I want this year to be…like I did for last year. I only loved myself. I’m not disappointed, but I’m really not going to share a lot of plans for myself, because then they create expectations and disappointments.

Obviously, 6birds has some changes ahead, but moreover…

I know a few people are interested in what I’m cooking up, so this is what I’ll be working on a lot that I’ll probably talk about here and there, but won’t go into too much detail for.

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