I subscribed to the Big Brother Live Feeds. I’m sad, I know. And addicted. I’ve been tweeting about them, though, and joining in some conversations.

I’m not much of a fan of the people who have been in the live feed chats, though, or the fangirls going all over the place.

I get it — the couples are cute — but I feel like they’re all just fourteen-year olds who think they know how the entertainment industry works, or that they know and understand other random things, e.g.

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Papa has brain cancer. He had surgery in early July to remove a piece of it for a biopsy.

I remember family was disappointed, because they expected the doctors to remove all of the tumor?! I don’t understand their logic there, but whatever.

Now, there is talk and plans of hospice care.

I feel indifferent about everything.

I feel like I was finally going to be at an okay enough point that I could at least be somewhat stable.

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Movies, especially Disney ones, often have something for the audience to take in. I think it’s the same with books. Each give us a different perspective to consider, and each could also possibly change the way we think about something altogether. Usually, there’s a moral to the story. When I was in grade school, my teachers assigned worksheets that made us, the students, dissect each book we read and movie we watched in class and for class.

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You know what’s annoying? Scrolling down my Facebook dashboard to see post after post of those annoying “Share if you ___” posts!

There is an arrow in the corner of each post. I chose to “Hide all from ___” for each of the original sharers’ pages. Serves you right for being annoying.

It’s like this whole new version of spam. And what’s the point of sharing it on Facebook, anyway? 

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