Not once have I ever said anyone had to believe what I say. However, if I’m quite consistent in my words — my story, my experiences — shouldn’t that result in truth-telling from me? Shouldn’t that hold reason for my words to be the truth?

I find it difficult to lie, thus I do not — I cannot mentally handle lying, nor can I deal with the pretending that comes with it, as I can barely pretend to be “normal” around the people who want me to be/act normal… around the people who wish me “fixed”.

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Hi! I did things today!

Many of the pictures are from Instagram, but I think having a variety really works out and makes it cool, and ah… maybe not.

I went to the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo yesterday, and it was really, really awesome and eye-opening.

This post is part of A Day in the Life, a series by Manda.

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Apart from being in pain that makes me want to vomit, lately I’ve been alright.

In becoming an “official blogger” for the Dallas Gluten & Allergen Free Expo, I’ve noticed something with them and with their subscription box that is pretty stellar and should be done by other major/serious PR folks: my stats don’t seem to matter.

I applied to become a blogger using Charlise’s blog, just because I have been feeling “blah” again about 6birds, and her blog isn’t that “big” compared to 6birds in terms of age, traffic, etc.

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I’ve been MIA for various reasons.

  1. I’ve been really stressed lately. Like, super stressed. Like, I-would-rather-just-sleep-24/7-and-cry-and-dream-and-watch-House M.D.-stressed. /zzz
  2. I sort of despise the holidays. /holly Ugh. But we knew this already.
  3. Because of stress, I’ve not been able to do anything sitely, and I’ve also failed to complete/write the story I was going to post on Halloween. /ghost Oops. I’ll still write it, just… stressed.

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