After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to convert “aspie life” from a tag to a category, thus making it “Aspie Life”, filed under “Life”; as well as to add Asperger’s Syndrome to the list of topics I write about on 6birds. It’s sort of a mental health blog in a way, methinks.

If you’re interested, do stick around. If not, that’s also fine.

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I’ve posted about Love With Food before, and since I’ve been busy lately and have produced minimal personal posts over the last few months, I figured I’ve nothing to really lose.

…I also can’t post it to Crunchy Family, as it is not all organic, and blah. ANYWAYS. If you decide you want one, please use my affiliate link, as I will lovelovelove you to pieces. :3

This month’s theme is “Spice Up Your Life”, and the contents are all spicy, though there were some warmer bits. c:

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