Earlier last year, I really let my love for short films show. A major hobby of mine is watching all the short films I can, which usually ends up with me looking at my desktop clock and saying, “Wow! Is it really [insert time after 3am here]??”


Sooo, you’re gonna need some audio for these; not many have actual words, but the music helps emphasize certain pieces of each film.

These are in absolutely no order of favoritism because I can’t choose just ONE.

I occasionally add some to my Tumblr when I’m not lazy.

This will go smoother if you have 84:34 minutes (or 1:24:34 hours) to devote to short film watching.

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Contrary to the notes when hovering the name, it should be known that the “Ezra” I’m discussing in this post is not my brother Ezra.

If you haven’t caught up on Pretty Little Liars yet, you probably don’t want to read this post. #spoileralert

If you have, and you’re an #Ezria fan, you’re probably going to get mad.

If you fit the previous statement (you’re an #Ezria fan and have caught up on the series) and you’re either below eighteen or going to make ill assumptions about me or this post rather than be willing to carry a mature debate about the matter, GTFO. :)

The majority of YouTube users who comment on the videos consist of either crazed fans, below eighteen fans or all of the above.

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The perk of having Allergic Liza, an allergy-related blog, was that people wanted to see more food-related posts from me — and food blogs are fun, and what better way, right?

I like foods blogs. I wanted a food blog. I still want one. Others have actually been asking about me having one since I shut allergicliza.me down.

The downside to it was that it was too restricting, because people expected completely allergy-free things, as well as allergy advice and help, all of which I couldn’t give for various reasons. Allergic Liza was, probably, the most annoying project I’ve ever tried, and the chances of me ever doing anything like it again are very much on the not-gonna-happen part of the scale.

If I ate completely allergy-free, I’d have a boring life and would likely be a vegetarian.

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I’m hosting an indie film DVD giveaway that’s open to the US and Canada, don’tcha wanna?

My cousin recently started her own blog (which I have a column on), and I helped her set it up. She had spent some time helping out on another blog and running the background stuff there quite a bit and didn’t realize what starting it would be like.

After helping her out a bit, I realized there are a lot of people who may run into similar issues and confusions, so hopefully this mini guide/thing will help someone along. All the stuff I’m asked often in one post. YAY.1

Note: I used some affiliate links in this. #notevensorry

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