Kya made me a kawaii illustration c:

I’m writing a spooky story to share on Halloween inspired by some Bigfoot Paddling/Canoeing thing in Texas I found. It’s not Halloween-themed, per se, but it has to do with thrilling adventures and what could go wrong, which is something I personally find to be quite spooking.

I haven’t been writing stories as much as I’d like, but I’m going to get back into it…

In the year 2015, I want to write at least five six1 prose pieces (published to 6birds, of course).

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I rely on lists. “Schedules”, I suppose, is the more technical term.

Anyway, the only way I know how to fully and adequately get the point across of just how detailed some may need to be, I’m going to demonstrate by sharing mine.

This one is mine for today. I typed it last night before bed.

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Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s something, but still: it hurts.

It hurts when people belittle autistics, it hurts when people ask me for proof of one’s autism, and it hurts when people call autism a disease.

I really don’t care what the DSM says. They change their diagnostics all the time, and they’ve given Aspies the umbrella diagnosis of “autism”, whether it does or doesn’t adequately portray others with autistic symptoms.

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